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OMDA Oil and Gas [OTC:OOAG] - Interests in oil and gas wells in Louisiana and Texas.
OMV Group [XETRA:OMVV] - Leading oil and natural gas group in Central and Eastern Europe
OPTI Canada [TSX:OPC] - Oil sands.
OSE [TSX-V:OSE] - Holds producing oil and gas leases interests in Ontario (Canada) and Texas (USA), and has significant petroleum exploration leases and prospects rights in Texas and Montana, USA.
Oando plc [JSE:OAO] - Leading African exploration and production company
Oasis Petroleum [NYSE:OAS] - Williston Basin.
obeleoil - Exploring, developing and operating crude oil and natural gas properties within the continental U.S. for more than 25 years
Occidental Petroleum [NYSE:OXY] - Core oil and gas operations in the United States, Middle East and Latin America
Oceaneering [NYSE:OII] - global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications.
Oceanscan - Supplier of survey equipment, personnel and products to the offshore hydrographic, survey, ROV and defence industries.
Octane Energy Services is now Newton Energy
Octanex [ASX:OXX] - North West Shelf area, offshore Western Australia.
Odyssey Energy is now Odyssey Gold
Odyssey Petroleum is now Petrichor Energy
Offshore Logistics is now Bristow Group
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited [BOMABY:ONGC] - Full-fledged horizontally integrated petroleum company. Highest profit making company in India.
Oil Basins is now Emperor Energy
Oil Engineering Limited is part of Isleburn, a subsidiary of Global Energy Group
Oil Refineries is now Bazan
Oil States [NYSE:OIS] - Operates in four market segments: Offshore Oil and Gas, Land Oil and Gas, Defense and General Industry.
Oilex [ASX:OEX] - Projects in Queensland and New South Wales
Oilsands Quest [AMEX:BQI] - Second largest prospective land position in the Athabasca Tar Sands Region
Oilsearch was acquired by Santos
Olis - One of the 20 largest corporations in Iceland, serving its customers with energy and related products in the company and consumer markets
Olympia Energy was acquired by Provident Energy Trust
Oman Oil Company [100 % owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.] - Pursuing investment opportunities in the energy sector both inside and outside Oman.
ONE-Dyas B.V. [private] - North Sea.
Oneok [NYSE:OKE] - Diversified energy company involved in oil and gas production, natural gas processing, gathering, storage and transmission in the mid-continent areas of the United States
Opal Energy [TSX-V:OPA] - Focus on natural gas exploration targets in South Texas
Ophir Energy was acquired by PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk
Orcadian Energy plc (was Pharas Energy) [LSE:ORCA] - North Sea focussed oil and gas development company
Oracle Energy [TSX-V:OEC-H] - Oil and gas fields in Romania and Yemen
Oracle Power plc [LSE:ORCP] - Explore for and extract coal in the Sindh Province of Pakistan
Orchard Petroleum was acquired by Mercuria Energy Group
Origin Energy [ASX:ORG] - Provides gas and electricity to over two million Australian homes and businesses.
Orion Oil & Gas merged with WestFire Energy
Orleans Energy became RMP Energy, then Iron Bridge Resources, acquired by Velvet Energy, then acquired by Spartan Delta
Orlen Group [OTC:PSKNY] - Poland refiner
Ormat Technologies [NYSE:ORA] - Solutions for geothermal power, recovered energy generation (REG) and remote power.
Osage Exploration and Development [OTC:OEDV] - Independent oil and gas company with operations in the US and South America.
Otto Energy [ASX:OEL] - Turkey, Philippines, and Argentina.
Ovintiv [NYSE:OVV] -
Oxbow [private] - Fuel distribution services
Oxford Resource Partners was acquired by Westmoreland Mining.

PDC Energy (was Petroleum Development) [NASDAQ:PDCE] - Wattenberg Field in Colorado and the Delaware Basin in West Texas.
PEDEVCO [NYSE:PED] - Permian Basin in West Texas and eastern New Mexico. Denver-Julesberg Basin (D-J Basin) in Colorado
PEMEX - National oil company of Mexico
PHI Group [NASSDAQ:PHIL] - Helicopter services
PHX Minerals (was Panhandle Oil and Gas) [NYSE:PHX} - Owns mineral acres principally located in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Texas, New Mexico and Arkansas
PRD Energy [TSX-V:PRD] - Western Canada
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited [Thailand:PTTEP] - National petroleum exploration and production company dedicating to provide a sustainable petroleum supply to Thailand
PYR Energy was acquired by Samson Investment Company
Pace Oil & Gas, AvenEx Energy, and Charger Energy form Spyglass Resources
Pacific Energy Partners was acquired by Plains All American Pipeline LP
Pacific Ethanol is now Alto Ingredients
Pacific Oil Company [OTC:POIL] - Producing energy projects that are located in Saskatchewan Canada.
Pacific Rodera [TSX-V:PRD] - Engaged in the exploration for, and development and production of, natural gas and light oil reserves primarily in the Province of British Columbia and in the Northwest Territories.
Pacific Rubiales Energy now Frontera Energy
Pacific Stratus Ventures became Pacific Rubiales Energy now Frontera Energy
Painted Pony Petroleum acquired by Canadian Natural Resources
Palko Environmental was acquired by Gibson Energy
Palo Duro Energy [TSX-V:PDE] - Palo Duro Basin is located in the Texas Panhandle
Paloma Natural Gas [private] - Development and production of natural gas in the Louisiana Haynesville
Pan Orient Energy [TSX-V:POE] - Thailand and Indonesia.
Pan Pacific Petroleum [ASX:PPP] - Interests in New Zealand (including production from the Tui Area Fields), Australia, Vietnam and Timor Leste-Australia Joint Petroleum Development Area.
Panax Geothermal [ASX:PAX] - Australia, India, and Slovakia
Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL [ASX:PCL] - Holds oil & gas exploration assets in: Australia, New Zealand, Malta. and Kenya
Pan-Ocean Energy assets were acquired by Addax Petroleum
Panhandle Oil and Gas is now PHX Minerals
Panoro Energy ASA [OSLO:PEN] - Balanced portfolio of high quality assets in the South Atlantic region
PanTerra Resource [TSX-V:PRC] - Shallow and Shale Gas in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Pantheon Resources PLC [LSE:PANR] - Gulf Of Mexico (Texas and Louisiana)
Paradigm Oil and Gas [OTC:PDGO] - Interests in Alberta.
Par Pacific Holdings [NYSE:PARR] - Refining and logistics assets in Hawaii and Wyoming and a retail distribution network in Hawaii, Idaho and Washington.
Paramount Energy is now Perpetual Energy
Parallel Petroleum LLC - Operations are primarily concentrated in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, the largest onshore oil and natural gas basin in the United States.
Parex Resources [TSX-V:PST] - Llanos Basin of Colombia and onshore Trinidad and Tobago.
Parkland Energy Services [TSX-V:PKE] - Manufacture and sale of oilfield equipment
Parkmead Group plc [LSE:PMG] - Independent energy group focused on the UK & Netherlands
Parsley Energy was acquired by Pioneer Natural Resources (January 2021)
Pason Systems [TSX:PSI] - Drilling instruments
Patina Oil and Gas was acquired by Noble Energy, acquired by Chevron
Patriot Petroleum [TSX-V:PPC] - Oil and gas interests in Louisiana and Wyoming.
Patterson-UTI [NASDAQ:PTEN] - Provides onshore contract drilling services to exploration and production companies in North America
Pe Ben Industries is part of Mullen Group
Peabody Energy Corp [NYSE:BTU] - Largest coal company in the world.
Peako (was Peak Oil and Gas) [ASX:PKO] - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand.
Pearl Exploration and Production became BlackPearl Resources, acquired by International Petroleum
Peerless Energy was acquired by Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd.
Pegasus Oil and Gas was acquired by Harvest Energy, now Harvest Operations (wholly-owned subsidiary of Korea National Oil Corporation)
Pembina Pipeline Corporation [TSX:PPL] - Energy transportation and service provider
Penngrowth Energy was acquired by Cona Resources, a portfolio company of Waterous Energy Funds
Penn Virginia Corporation was acquired by Ranger Oil
Penn Virginia Resource Partners [NYSE:PVA] - Manages coal properties and related assets and operates a midstream natural gas gathering and processing business.
Penn West Energy Trust is now Obsidian Energy
Pennaco - Oil and gas corporation engaged in ongoing leasing, marketing, exploration, and drilling operations for natural gas and crude oil.
Pennine Petroleum - Active in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia
Pennzoil - Acquired by Shell Oil Company, an affiliate of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies.
Perdana Petroleum [Kuala Lumpur:7108] - Provides Offshore Marine Services for the upstream oil ang gas industry
Perenco - Operating in Gabon, Colombia, Cameroon, Turkey, Tunisia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Eritrea, U.S.A. and U.K.
Perisai Petroleum Teknologi Bhd [Kuala Lumpur:0047] - Offshore service provider.
Perpetual Energy [TSX-V:PMT] - Independent energy company producing primarily natural gas with growing volumes of oil and liquids from properties in Alberta, Canada.
Peru Petro [Private Law State Company] - Responsible for promoting the investment of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation activities in the country.
Petra Petroleum [TSX-V:PTL] - Oklahoma and Mississippi
Petrel Resources [LSE:PET] - focus of operations is Iraq
Petratherm [ASX:PTR] - geothermal resources
Petro Canada is now Suncor
Petro Kazakhstan [NYSE:PKN] - Operations in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Petro Matad [LSE:MTAD] - Focused on oil exploration, as well as potential future development and production in Mongolia.
Petro Uno Resources was acquired by Renegade Petroleum, acquired by Spartan Energy (2014)
Petro Viking Energy [TSX-V:VIK] - Light oil Viking resource lands in West Central Saskatchewan
Petro Vista Energy [TSX-V:PTV] - Brazil and Colombia
Petro-Reef Resources [TSX-V:PER] - Crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company with producing properties in Alberta, Canada.
Petroamerica Oil [TSX-V:PTA] - Colombia
PetroBakken Energy became Lightstream Resources is now Ridgeback Resources
Petrobank Energy and Resources [TSX:PBG] - Operations in western Canada and Colombia
Petroceltic International plc [LSE:PCI] - Primary focus is oil and gas exploration and production in North Africa, the Mediterranean and offshore Ireland.
PetroChina [NYSE:PTR] - Broad range of petroleum-related activities
Petrodorado Energy is now ROK Resources
Petrofac [LSE:PFC] - Integrated international service provider to the oil & gas industry.
PetroFrontier [TSX-V:PFC] - Onshore petroleum and natural gas assets in the South Georgina Basin, Australia.
Petrofund Energy Trust was acquired by Penn West Exploration. now Obsidian Energy
PetroGlobe [TSX-V:PGB] - Oil and gas prospects in Western Canada and the United States
Petrohawk Energy was acquired by BHP
PetroKamchatka Plc is now EastSiberian Plc
Petroleos Brasilas [NYSE:PBR] - Brazil-based, also present in other countries, namely Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Nigeria, and the United States
Petroleos de Venezuela [State oil Company] - Distributes gasoline in United State via CITGO
Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited - Integrated oil company is fully owned by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
Petroleum Development is now PDC Energy
Petroleum Geo Service [NYSE:PGS] - Operates in two primary business areas - seismic and production
Petroleum Helicopters is now PHI
Petrolia Energy [OTC:BBLS] - Operations are focused primarily in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Alberta, Canada.
Petrolifera Petroleum [TSX:PDP] - Production activity in South America.
Petrolympic [TSX-V:PCQ] - Actively exploring for premium light crude oil and natural gas in Quebec, Canada
Petromanas Energy [TSX-V:PMI] - exploration and development of its assets in Albania
Petrominerales was acquired by Pacific Rubiales Energy, now Frontera Energy
Petrominerals Corporation o [OTC:PTRO] -
Petronas - Malaysia's national petroleum corporation
Petroquest Energy [NYSE:PQ] - Oil and natural gas reserves in East Texas, Arkoma Basin, South Louisiana and the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
PetroSands Resources is now CanRock Energy
PetroTal [TSX-V:TAL] - Focused on the development of oil assets in Peru.
Petroteq Energy [TSX-V:PQE] - development and implementation of its proprietary environmentally friendly heavy oil processing and extraction technologies.
PetroVietnam - Activities cover all the operations from oil and gas exploration and production to storage, processing, transportation, distribution and services.
Petsec Energy Limited was delisted
Peyto Exploration and Development [TSX:PEY] - Assets are concentrated in premier gas exploration area, the Alberta Deep Basin.
Pharos Energy [LSE:PHAR] - Projects in Egypt, Israel, and Vietnam.
Phoenix Global Resources [LSE:PGR] - Vaca Muerta shale formation in Argentina.
Phoenix Technology Services [TSX:PHX] - Directional and horizontal drilling company
Pieridae Energy [TSX:PEA] - Focused on developing the multi-billion Goldboro LNG Project and export facility off Canada's East Coast
Pike River Coal [ASX:PRC] - Hard coking coal
Pine Cliff Energy [TSX-V:PNE] - Western Canada and South America
Pinecrest Energy was acquired by Cardinal Energy
Pioneer Oil and Gas [OTC:POGS] - Nevada and Wyoming
Pioneer Energy Services was acquired by Patterson-UTI Energy
Pioneer Natural Resources [NYSE:PXD] - Operates in the U.S., Argentina, Canada, Gabon, South Africa and Tunisia.
Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners was acquired by Pioneer Natural Resources
Pipestone Energy [TSX:PIPE] - Oil and gas exploration and production company developing assets in the Pipestone area of Alberta.
Plains All American Pipeline [NYSE:PAA] - Operations are concentrated in Texas, Oklahoma, California and Louisiana and in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan
Plains Exploration and Production was acquired by Freeport-McMoRan
Planet Gas [ASX:PGS] - Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Geothermal energy exploration and development company.
The Plaza Group - International petrochemical marketing company headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Plug Power [NASDAQ:PLUG] - Fuel Cell Technology
Po Valley Energy [ASX:PVE] - Italy
Pogo Producing was acquired by Plains Exploration and Production, acquired by Freeport-McMoRan
Polarcus Limited [EURONEXT:PLCS] - Marine geophysical company with a pioneering environmental agenda, specializing in high-end towed streamer data acquisition from Pole to Pole.
Polaris Geothermal was acquired by Ram Power, who became Polaris Infrastructure
Polaris Infrastructure [TSX:PIF] - Engaged in the acquisition, development and operation of renewable energy projects in Latin America.
Poplar Creek Resources [TSX-V:PCK] - Current production of approximately 40 boe/day.
Portal Resources [TSX-V:PDO] - Pursuing unconventional oil and gas opportunities in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Alberta and Saskatchewan
Portrush Petroleum is now Westbridge Energy Corporation
PostRock Energy [NASDAQ:PSTR] - oil and natural gas primarily in the Cherokee Basin of Kansas and Oklahoma.
Prairie Pacific Energy Corporation was acquired by Northrock Resources (now minerals)
Prairie Provident Resources [TSX:PPR] - Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta.
PrairieSky Royalty [TSX:PSK] - Pure-play royalty company (15.6 million acres of royalty properties)
Prairie Schooner Petroleum is part of True Energy Trust, now Bellatrix Exploration
Precision Drilling [NYSE:PDS] - Contract drilling services to the Canadian oil and gas industry.
Preem Petroleum AB - Refiner in Sweden.
Premier Oil is now Harbour Energy
Premcor was acquired by Valero
President Energy [LSE:PPC] - Independent oil and gas company focusing primarily on high margin production opportunities in Latin America.
President Petroleum [LSE:PPC] - Gas and oil production onshore in Louisiana USA and significant prospectivity in onshore exploration licences in Australia.
Pride International was acquired by ENSCO plc, now Valaris
Prima Energy was acquired by Petro-Canada
PrimeEnergy Corporation [NASDAQ:PNRG] - Properties are located in Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, the Gulf of Mexico, New Mexico and Louisiana
Primeline Energy [default] - Focusing exclusively on oil and gas exploration and upstream opportunities in China.
Primera Energy Resources was acquired by Touchstone Exploration
PrimeWest Energy Trust is part of TAQA
Process Capital [TSX-V:POR] - Designs, manufactures and installs turnkey waste oil micro-refineries.
Producers Oilfield Services is part of Mullen Group
ProEX Energy merged with Progress Energy Trust to form Progress Energy Resources
Prominence Energy (was Sun Resources NL) [ASX:PRM] - Conventional Oil Development: Offshore Louisiana
ProSafe [Oslo:PRS] - Leading owner and operator of semi-submersible service rigs, a leading platform drilling contractor in Norway and a major owner and operator of floating production- and storage vessels outside the North Sea.
Prospex Energy Plc [LSE:PXEN] - Building a sizeable gas production and electricity generation investment portfolio focused on high impact, late stage onshore European opportunities.
ProspEx Resources [TSX:PSX] - Focused on exploration for natural gas in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.
Providence Resources [LSE:PVR] - International upstream oil and gas company currently actively involved in Ireland, UK and in Nigeria (West Africa).
Provident Energy Trust was acquired by Pembina Pipeline Corporation
Pryme Oil and Gas [ASX:PYM] - Onshore oil and gas resources in the southern United States.
Pulse Seismic [TSX:PSD] - Marketing and licensing seismic data in Western Canada
Pura Vida Energy became Ansila Energy, now Hartshead Resources
Pure Energy Resources was acquired by BG Group, now Shell
Pure Energy Services was acquired by FMC, now TechnipFMC
Pyramid Oil Company became Yuma Energy, Filed Chapter 11 on April 15, 2020.

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